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UV Exposure Lamps   
Specializing in Ultraviolet and Other Light Sources for Technical Applications

  • Stocks lamps for all equipment used in the PRINTING, LITHOGRAPHY, LABEL MAKING, and SCREENPRINTING fields
  • Supplies original equipment or equivalent lamps for your exposure and optical systems
  • Represents all major national and international lamp manufacturers

PCB Photo Exposure Lamps           Reflector UV Lamps
PCB Photo Exposure Lamps Reflector UV Lamps
UV reflector lamps (no ballast required) are available in UVA 350+ nm and UVB 300+ nm

Various Lamp Types
Mercury capillary & Water jackets
Mercury & Xenon arc
Metal halide
Pulsed xenon
Quartz halogen
Specialty fluorescent

Other Equipment
Halogen lamp sockets

Power supplies and transformers
Ray-Blok fluorescent UV safety shields

Typical Applications
Platemakers / Plate burners
Inspection / Densitometers
Blueprint / Whiteprint
Packaging / Counting strobes
Photoresist / Exposure
IR dryers
UV dryers
Color separation / scanners
Camera / Photographic
Paper cutters
Light table fluorescent - 5000K


NOTE: UV-B and UV-C are both dangerous for exposing to the skin and eyes and may cause serious burning. Care must be taken to shield persons in close proximity. Request safety data sheet before using.

ULS staff is available for instructions in use and applicatons of all Ultraviolet products.

Basic components required for efficient exposre using a 1KW MERCURY or METAL HALIDE lamp used by professional printing companies. Low price, often less than $300, allows the artist, hobbyist, or professional to burn screens, expose lithographic plates, cure resins and adhesives, and perform many other applications using long-wave UV.


Two sources of Ultraviolet available that require no additional hardware. Lamps are internally ballasted and incorporate an efficient internal reflector. Available in 300 and 160 Watts with medium standard socket or large mogul industrial screw-in base. Excellent for portable applications. Also widely used for solar simulation in compliance with U.S. standards certification.

Available in long-wave UV-A or medium-wave UV-B.


Ultraviolet fluorescent lamps are available in all sizes of UV-A, UV-B and UV-C in standard linear, compact, HO-highoutput, and VHO-very high output in most sizes. Custom sizes and wattages made to specification.


We supply water jackets for all equipment manufacturers involved with immersion of UV lamps in various aqueous environments.

Used primarily for:

  • Water purification for consumer consumption and food processing.
  • Distilled and Ultra Pure Water for Biomedical, Semiconductor, Specialized Manufacture.
  • Waste Treatment Processing
  • Aquariums
  • Swimming Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs.
  • Replacements for AQUAFINE, TROJAN, WEDECO, IDEAL HORIZONS, and other popular types.

Please call us to discuss your specific need and application. We can tell you how to make it work!

  • Skilled technical staff
  • Most stock on hand
  • Immediate or next day delivery